Scorpions During Spring in Tempe

The height of scorpion activity in Tempe is during the monsoon season. Temperatures are hot, the air is humid and this is the most desirable condition for scorpions, insects, and vegetation; and the most difficult time to start getting scorpions under control. During this time, the sheer number of scorpions out of their hiding places can make control difficult.

So while many are more concerned about protecting their homes during “scorpion season”, prevention before the height of scorpion population movement is essential for optimal control.

With spring and warming temperatures coming to Tempe, scorpions begin to become active and will be feeding and seeking out water. Humidity levels tend to rise around the neighborhoods with spring planting and watering. Also, pest control spraying, as well as fertilizing, often increases valley wide and this can “flush” sickly scorpions in. Scorpions will often be found in the garage or down low on the floor. If a higher population “wintered-down” around the home for a very cold winter, scorpions may more likely be found on ceilings or upstairs; as they may have squeezed under ductwork for warmth.

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Knowing the enemy is half the battle. Stay vigilant and make sure to investigate likely areas of infestation, will help keep your Tempe, Arizona home and your family safe from scorpions. Call our team at Arizona Wild now to set up an inspection!