Pest control may be the last thing on your mind as a business owner or office manager, and it should be! But not because you ignore it, but because you can be confident that your pest control company is doing the job right! 

Arizona Wild specializes in highly sensitive corporate environments such as medical offices, labs, and preschools. We understand not only what is needed to control pests in these businesses, but also the specific issues that arise in these locations and how they may modify our treatments.

At the end of the day, customers and employees don't want scorpions, spiders, ants, or cockroachs in their medical office, around their kids at preschool, or potentially contaminating medical grade equipment, and they certainly don't want to interact with pests in these settings.

treating at businesses

When we treat businesses, we go out of our way to schedule when there are no customers or patients present. As much as pest control is important in maintainance, seeing us applying treatment may concern customers that there is an active problem, or create worry about unknown chemical around patients. 

Following the same fundamental philosophy as in residential treatments, our Scorpion Shield plans are always discounted to businesses that cater to, or directly service young children. We also include interior and exterior spray service and corporate seal services that do not impact your lease.


So if you're in the market to be able to set it and forget it with your corporate pest control needs, look no further, and text or call us today!