There are 3 major mosquitos that plague our phoenix area homes – The Aedes Mosquito, the Enopheles Mosquito, and the Culex Mosquito. Here we will briefly discuss each of them as well as our methods of controlling them.

Three Common Types of Arizona  Mosquitos

Three Common Types of Arizona Mosquitos


Aedes Aegypti

Aedes Aegypti – The “backyard biter.” This mosquito is enemy number one around our homes. This mosquito is a daytime biter, preferring to find blood meals at any time...


Anopheles Mosquitos

Named after the Greek word for “useless,” the Anopheles species of mosquitos consist of 460 different species, 100 of which can transmit human malaria.


Culex Mosquitos

The Culex species of mosquitos serve as important vectors of disease to humans, birds, and other animals. Diseases of concern are West Nile Virus, Japanese Encephalitis...

Treatment of Mosquitos

The hallmark of mosquito control is reduction of standing water or potential sites of water collection. Some mosquitos can reproduce in as little as a bottlecap full of water. This makes it essential to inspect your property often and remove any items or adjust any landscaping that may catch and hold rainwater.

There may be instances in which larvicidal pesticide may be applied to large areas of standing water that will not be used for drinking, such as water features on a golf course, however, in most cases its more appropriate to remove the water source.

Treating adult mosquitos incorporates 2 types of spray applications. Most general pesticides will kill mosquitos that land on them, however, most of these are applied to the top of leaves and bushes, or to cracks and crevices. These are areas unlikely to be a resting spot for mosquitos. The more appropriate method of treatment is done with a fogger or mister that aerosolizes specific pesticides and applies them to walls or ceilings where mosquitos may land during the day to rest. These pesticides do not have a long residual and typically require reapplication more frequently than general spray pesticides.

Protect Your Arizona Home From Mosquitos

Protect Your Arizona Home From Mosquitos

If you are concerned that your property may have sites conducive to mosquito reproduction and would like a free inspection, or if you are interested in treatments to decrease current mosquito issues, reach out to us today!


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