Spiders in Chandler, Arizona: What to Expect During Fall

As the fall season approaches in Chandler, Arizona, residents can look forward to cooler temperatures and a break from scorching summer heat. However, this change in weather can also bring about changes in local pest activity, including spiders. While most spiders are harmless and play a vital role in our ecosystem, some can be considered pests when they invade our homes. In this blog post, we’ll explore the behavior of spiders during the fall in Chandler and offer tips on how to deal with these eight-legged visitors.

Why Spiders are More Active in the Fall

Spiders are ectothermic creatures, meaning their activity and behavior are strongly influenced by external temperatures. In Chandler, as the summer heat subsides and fall arrives, the more moderate and comfortable weather encourages spiders to become more active. Additionally, the fall season often brings an increase in insect activity, providing spiders with a readily available food source.

Common Spider Species in Chandler

Black Widow Spider: Chandler is home to black widow spiders, which are venomous. These spiders are recognizable by their shiny black bodies and red hourglass-shaped markings on their abdomens. Black widows are often found in dark, sheltered areas such as garages, sheds, and outdoor furniture.

Wolf Spider: These large, intimidating spiders are common in Chandler and can often be seen hunting for prey. They are typically brown or gray and have distinctive eye patterns. Although they’re not dangerous, their presence can be unsettling.

Orb-Weaver Spiders: These spiders are known for their intricate, circular webs that they spin to catch flying insects. While their webs can be a nuisance, orb-weaver spiders are generally harmless.

Preventative Measures

Seal Entry Points: To keep spiders out of your home, inspect and seal any gaps or cracks in doors, windows, and walls. Pay special attention to areas where pipes and cables enter your home.

Reduce Outdoor Lighting: Spiders are attracted to light, which also attracts insects. Minimize outdoor lighting or consider using yellow or sodium vapor lights, which are less attractive to insects.

Keep Your Home Clean: Regular cleaning can help eliminate hiding spots for spiders. Clear away clutter and vacuum frequently, especially in areas where spiders are often found.

Remove Outdoor Debris: Spiders often hide in piles of leaves, woodpiles, and debris. Keep your yard tidy to reduce potential spider habitats.

Professional Pest Control

If you find your home infested with spiders or have concerns about venomous species like black widows, it’s wise to consult with a professional pest control service in Chandler. They have the expertise and tools to safely and effectively manage spider populations in and around your home.


Spiders in Chandler, Arizona, tend to be more active during the fall season, seeking shelter and an ample food supply. While most spiders are harmless, some can be of concern, especially for those who may have allergies or sensitivities to spider bites. By taking preventative measures and seeking professional pest control assistance from a professional pest control company like Arizona Wild, you can enjoy a spider-free home during the fall season and beyond.