What are Termite Mud Tubes? 

You might be asking: “What are termite mud tubes?” Mud tubes are pathways termites use to connect colonies in the soil to food sources above ground. Tubes work as a shelter to protect termites from predators.  In addition, these tunnels lock in moisture needed for termites to survive. Unfortunately, termites are extremely common in the Greater Phoenix area. Learn how to protect your home from becoming a termite colony’s next lunch. 

What is a Termite Tube? 

What is a termite tube, or termite tunnel? Subterranean termites connect their colonies in the soil underground to their above-ground food sources via mud tubes (sometimes known as galleries or tunnels). These tubes are made from soil and wood combined with termite saliva.

What Do Termite Tubes Look Like? 

Termite tubes are generally ¼ to 1 inch in diameter and look like veins being spread across your foundation, ceiling, or walls. The color of these tubes varies based on how dense and active the infestation. Regardless of the density, shape, or color, discovering termite tubes should not be taken lightly as it indicates you have an infestation and should take immediate action. Just removing the tubes isn’t enough. Termites work quickly and will rebuild tubes in no time at all.

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