Preventing Termites in Your Arizona Home 

Termites are very common in Arizona, and it isn’t a question of if you’ll deal with them, but when. Termites are the most destructive urban pest in Arizona, and the Greater Phoenix Area.

With termites being such a large problem, we’ve compiled a list of some preventative termite prevention methods for you: 

  1. Seal all gaps and cracks in your home, including cracks around water and gas lines, damaged siding, and windows and doors. 
  2. Keep wood piles, lumber, and piles of paper away from the foundation of your home. 
  3. Make sure your plants and trees aren’t leaning onto the roof of your home. Termites will use them as highways to make their way into your home. Vegetation can also act as shelter for termites and other insects. 
  4. Routinely check any of your external wooden structures for signs of rotting or infested wood. This would include sheds, fences, and decks. 
  5. Most importantly, get a routine termite inspection by a professional pest control company in your area. This could save you thousands of dollars in the long run! 

Do you need termite control? Contact Arizona Wild for the best in termite protection today!