Ants in Spring Time in Ahwatukee

Did you know that there are over 40 known ant species in Arizona? The worst of these are fire ants which have a painful, harmful sting. No matter what kind of ant, the last thing you want is to find them in and around your Ahwatukee home. 


Unfortunately, ants may be the most likely pest you’ll find around your home this spring. Driven by pheromones and great hunger, ants travel in colonies, and their small size allows them to easily enter many shelters. Left behind trash or sweets in your kitchen often are the main culprit for enticing ants to stick around.

However, you can play a significant role in preventing an ant infestation. We at Arizona Wild are experts in controlling ant and have the training and treatments needed to handle pests around your property. With our commitment to quality pest control at affordable rates, we will find a solution that won’t just solve the problems at your Ahwatukee home, but fit your budget too.

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