Five Easy Ways To Keep Spiders Out Of Your Glibert Home

If you’ve ever seen a spider around your home, you’ve probably reacted with fear or at least trepidation. One of the first questions that popped into your mind was likely wondering if the spider was dangerous or not. It’s easy to assume that most spiders in Gilbert, Arizona can hurt you, but the truth is that most spider species in the area are harmless.

All spiders inject venom through their fangs as this is how they catch and consume their prey. However, most spiders don’t have venom that can impact people or pets, and spiders usually don’t try to bite people in the first place.

There are only two species of spider in the United States that are medically a concern for people: the black widow spider and the brown recluse spider. The black widow spider and brown recluse are found in the area, so it is important to be aware of them.

However, just because most spiders are harmless doesn’t mean you want to have them in your home. They can be terrifying to look at, and even bites that aren’t medically significant can be painful.

Spiders in Gilbert

The best way to help you identify spiders and to figure out if you’re dealing with a dangerous or harmful species is to know what they look like ahead of time. We’ve provided an overview of some of the most common species in the area:

  • Black widow spiders: This species is easy to identify because of its jet black, bulbous body and the red, hourglass marking on its underbelly.
  • Wolf spiders: This species looks intimidating as they are stout and have thick legs. They are a mix of brown, black, and grey patterns, and they can run quickly to catch prey.
  • Brown recluse spiders: The brown recluse is usually a light tan color with a violin-shaped marking behind its head. Unlike many other similarly colored spiders, brown recluse spiders don’t have any markings on their legs.
  • Jumping spiders: This is a family of spiders that gets their name because they can jump to catch prey. They can be a range of colors, so they are best identified by their behavior or their two rows of four eyes.

Why Do Spiders Come Into Homes?

Many people assume that spiders come inside of homes to look for shelter from the weather, while many pests do this, it’s not the case with spiders. The reason that a spider comes onto your property or into your house is that they are hunting their prey.

So, if you’re seeing more spiders than usual, you’ll likely also have other pest problems, too. Infestations of smaller pest species will draw spiders to an area.

Five Spider Prevention Tips:

Now that you know how to tell spiders apart and know why they could be attracted to your house, it’s a good time to take preventive measures to keep spiders away. While you can’t always completely deter spiders, following these five steps will help make your property less appealing to them.

1. You can prevent spiders by preventing other insects. The best way to do this is by focusing on storing trash in covered garbage cans and taking out the trash often.

2. Further prevent pests by keeping kitchen areas cleaned which includes regularly cleaning up crumbs and spills.

3. Remove any old webs around your property and get rid of excess clutter both inside and outside.

4. Store firewood at least 30 feet away from your home and clear up yard debris.

5. Install door sweeps and weather stripping.

What’s The Best Way To Remove Spiders?

If you’re tired of seeing spiders around your Gilbert home, the best way to prevent and control them is through residential pest control with Arizona Wild.

Our technicians have the experience necessary to handle all species of spiders in the area as well as their pest prey. Find out more and request a free quote by contacting us online or by phone at (480)578-9232.