Ahwatukee Homeowners’ Ultimate Fly Prevention Guide

If there’s one pest you’re going to find around your home at one point or another, it’s the house fly. These flies are such a common pest in Ahwatukee, Arizona that people don’t even think twice about them most of the time.

House flies will make their way inside of homes, and they are especially common in the warmer months of the year. While you probably don’t even notice these flies, especially when they are outside, even one obnoxious house fly that won’t go away can be a pain. House flies love to buzz around anywhere there is food or trash, and they can be difficult to get with a fly swatter as they dart from place to place.

There are many different species of flies in Ahwatukee, but you can identify the house fly by looking for a few main characteristics. These flies are a dark grey color with translucent wings and large, reddish eyes. They are only about an ⅛ to a ¼ of an inch long, but despite their small size, they aren’t good to have around your home because of the germs they can spread.

In this article, you’ll learn the risks of these flies and find out how you can prevent and control them.

House flies have a habit of landing all over countertops and even onto food, and this is alarming once you realize the other places where these flies tend to hang out. House flies will eat all kinds of disgusting things including garbage, animal carcasses, and feces. They will land inside your trash and on your toilets and then spread the pathogens they pick up onto other surfaces and the food you’re about to eat.

Why Are House Flies So Dirty?

House flies are known to transfer up to 100 different pathogens, and they can even spread serious illnesses such as tuberculosis and typhoid fever. Of course, not all house flies are going to make you sick, but because they can be covered in so many pathogens, they aren’t safe to have around.

House Fly Prevention Tips

Since house flies are more than just a nuisance, it’s important to take steps to keep them out of your home. It’s not always possible to completely prevent flies or any other pest for that matter, but you can take some measures that reduce the likelihood of an infestation, including:

  • Installing weather stripping and door sweeps around your house.
  • Replacing broken or torn screens in doors and windows.
  • Keeping all trash cans covered with lids and taking the trash out often.
  • Regularly cleaning kitchen areas as flies are attracted to the smell of food.

Keep in mind that house flies prefer a temperature of about 83 degrees Fahrenheit, so they are also often drawn in by warm or cold air currents coming from indoors depending on what the outdoor temperature is on any given day.

How Can You Control House Flies?

If you’ve noticed an influx of house flies in your Ahwatukee home, the easiest and most effective way to get rid of them is by contacting the experts at Scorpion Shield. Our trained technicians can also provide ongoing fly prevention through our residential pest control plans.

Find out just how easy and affordable pest control can be by giving us a call at (480)578-9232. We even provide free quotes.