Preventing Flies Around Your Tempe, AZ Kitchen This Summer

Tempe has favorable weather all year long. We get to enjoy the outdoors without freezing. Unfortunately, that means we have to deal with nuisance pests all year long. One pest that troubles us all year long is the dreaded fly. These annoying pests come inside our homes and land on food and surfaces. Even with a fly swatter or tape, they’re difficult to catch and seem only to multiply at an alarming rate. Therefore, Tempe homeowners need to take steps to prevent flies around their homes and to keep them out of their kitchens this summer.

Factors That Lead To Pest Flies In Your Tempe Home

No matter which type of fly we are dealing with – face flies, filth flies, or small flies – their presence all increases with warm weather and ample supplies of food and water. There are several factors that contribute to more flies invading our kitchens; some of them include:

  • Their natural fly life cycle lends to them breeding in the warm weather and dying or going dormant in winter. Here in Tempe, we have temperatures that encourage fly activity all year long.
  • We often have windows and doors open which invite flies inside.
  • Heat aids in the trash and other vegetation rotting more quickly and attracting flies.

Other pests that cohabitate with flies are more active in warmer climates.

Basic Prevention Steps Homeowners Can Take To Keep Flies Away

Homeowners in Tempe can take several steps to try to reduce fly populations in their homes. Some of these steps include:

  • Keep trash in bins with tightly sealed lids.
  • Take the trash out often to reduce the risk of maggots and, thus, more flies.
  • Clean drains to get rid of attractive breeding grounds.
  • Store fruit and vegetables in sealed containers or the refrigerator.
  • Clean up spills, crumbs, and other attractive food sources quickly.
  • Repair any tears in screens, caulk around windows, and don’t leave doors and windows open.
  • Clean up any feces from animals around your house to keep flies away from your property.

The Experts At Scorpion Shield Can Help With Your Fly Problem

At Scorpion Shield, we have trained technicians that can help you with your pesky fly problem. No matter which type of fly is plaguing your Tempe kitchen, we have a solution. Contact us to discuss which of our pest control programs is right for you. If flies are buzzing around your home and won’t leave, call us at Scorpion Shield!